Keyed BrickTM: the next evolutionary step towards recycling plastic

last updated 11/25/2020

That evolution is a new technology that is assembled without mortar or cement

That step is to turn millions of tons of wasted materials in to buildings, roadbeds, drainage tubes and tunnels

Keyed Brick patent pending


Keyed bricks have four types of interlocking connections that create a more spherical resistance. The effect of strong, inexpensive building components would reduce the demand for lumber and put a dent in the millions of tons of plastic that ends up in landfills. Like fast food, the resources for local production and ownership can be created through international franchising. Last is a summary of Dale E. Van Corís work.

A keyed brick:

- is a construction component to be used in buildings, drainage, roadbeds, tunnels and tubes

- can be made with injection or blow molded plastics; as well as ceramic or cement

- blow molded bricks have an outer shell of durable plastics that is filled with everything that can resist compression; from thermoset plastics that can not be recycled to entombing toxic coal ash, slag or sand

- is scalable: Lego-like toy keyed bricks can design the structure to be built with blocks 10x larger Ė with different materials. The toys are called KeynectorsTM

There are four types of connections: key thread, thread sets, multi-axial locking and its shape.

Click on this video to see key thread and thread sets

This video is an assembling bricks to show multi-axial locking

This video is a side view of assembling bricks side view of multi-axial locking

Walls have vertical strength. This video is a lateral strength demonstration (200 lbs or 90 kg)

This is writtenanother technical summary on Key threads

Commercializing pathways

To make any dent in turning waste into a commodity will take industrial scale equipment, executive talent and the profit motive. I have intellectual property and engineered product delivery capacity. Finite Element Analysis is a design optimizing tool to fine tune the brick designs with different materials. Expertise is needed on plastics; the recycled form it is delivered in and preparation for use in blow molding and injection molding. Manufactures of injection and blow molding equipment are invited to contact attorney Mike J. Persson,, for NDA terms and an initial proof of concept meeting with engineering staff.

I am considering the franchising model as a known global investment mechanism. It combines low barrier to entry to local markets and ownership. There is an existing executive talent pool for engineering plastic parts; manufacturing equipment and managing global franchises. Venture Capital companies with a background in franchising are invited to contact Mike for a meeting.

The product time line would be by the mid to end of 2021. There is engineering software to produce models. The software for 3D printing of mold parts with scaling capacity is underway. The goal is proof of commercial viability by creating a delivery system that can be franchised.

Summary on Dale E. Van Cor with text, pics and more videos

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3D printer has to be upgraded to something that can print a brick mold with stronger materials. Services and expertise are purchased regularly. The path is towards creating a delivery system that can grow or be franchised. Assistance towards covering costs would be appreciated though I work with what I have.