Keyed Brick

By Dale E. Van Cor                                                                                                      Last updated 06/17/2021

Patent pending Keyed BricksTM require no fasteners, no cement or no training. Keyed Bricks are a high-tech shell that can be filled with low-tech recycled plastic waste that increases its strength. It is engineered for a decentralized manufacturing process using local resources. Keyed Bricks can build sustainable load-bearing structures for communities anywhere in the world.

The process for making engineering models is operational. The next step is an outside proof of concept. The least expensive and generally accepted is computer simulation using FEA- Finite Element Analysis. FEA is a deep dive into how structures react to stresses. It is a common software tool in many government labs. The input data in STL file format is ready. I am looking for people who want to help people with aligned interest in government, commercial and industrial labs. Aligned is 3D printer manufacturing, NASA planetary habitats, cement parts manufacturing, waste disposal companies as an example.




One of the mechanical discoveries called Multi Axial LockingTM eliminates the need for adhesives. This is one of four connecting processes that engage in a single 50-degree rotation. Details can be found by clicking on this Version 2.0 video Click here for a written summary

The Version 1.0 videos are a collection of vidoes on the four connecting processes with different bricks

foot standing on a wall that is laid down

These are a new type of mechanical connection that will make structures more resistant to hurricane or tornado winds; earthquakes or floods. It is 15% brick and 85% of what ever can be entombed for decades.

This picture demonstrates how a hollow toy scale plastic bricks can distribute my 200 lbs. Click here to see the foot test video




The Keyed brickTM is the start, more is coming. Curved and arched walls are the same key threaded sets on different shells.




These are Keyed LobsTM. They are a configuration of a keyed brick that rotates downwards. Their use would be in highway and city road beds. The purpose would be to distribute the  force of heavy traffic keeping the asphalt from breaking.



The Keyed TubesTM are curved panels with opposite key threads on multiple layers. They  can be assembled without equipment. Their use would include drainageand culverts.


Keyed DiskTMare a completely different geometry for flat panels such as floors. This picture has a 4 pointed part shape. A 3 pointed or 5 pointed will also be used. The sets of Key Threads are added after the shape is selected. Their design will be optimized with Finite Element Analysis into a new type of circular truss system. These will be flat panels like floors



Keyed DomeTM (not shown) is similar to the Keyed Disk part except its part is based on a spherical curved shape. The five pointed shape will use this based on geodesic mathematics. This work will lead into structures based on Archimedean, Plutonic, and Johnson solids.

Keyed BeamsTM (not shown) include I beam, H beam, Angled Iron, Channel Iron and Structural Tubing that are beams assembled into desired lengths. They make use of a truss configuration built into its form to distribute mechanical stress.

Another business model are toys called KeynectorsTM That is most of the shapes that people could make scale models before they build full size.

My continued efforts is developing software for high resolution engineering models that can be 3D printed at any scale. FEA would show the strengths of the key threaded shell and the effects of different combinations of entombed materials. Destructive testing is expensive and necessary for commercial applications. The FEA will minimize that by optimizing the design feedback.

I have created the intellectual property with six US and one international patents pending and issued; software to produce engineering models; and 60 internet URLs. To turn this into a real Earth impact will take the focused power, motivation and efficiency of capitalism.

The 3rd world has been the recipient of millions of tons of plastic waste, quantities so large it is inconceivable. That can be turned into cheap, high strength construction components for buildings, sewage, water and road bed application that will add to their quality of life.

The delivery systems are three scales: business/urban scale that can fit in a container, commercial/city scale and industrialized specialty scale. The container could hold 3d printing or plastic injection for the shells, grinding equipment for the filler, and injection for equipment the finished brick. City scale would have different sizes and outputs such as one large grinder, different shell fabrication and multiple finishers. Specialty scale would be like coal ash or mining slag in a process designed for environment entombing. Much of this operation has to be discovered.

I am considering the franchising model as a known global investment mechanism. It combines low barrier to entry to local markets and ownership. There is an existing executive talent pool for engineering plastic parts; manufacturing equipment and managing global franchises. 

My attorney is Michael J. Persson,, for NDA terms and an initial proof of concept meeting with marketing and engineering staff.

Summary on Dale E. Van Cor with text, pics and more videos

The STL files of two types of Keyed Bricks, and two walls of keyed bricks are available for Finite Element Analysis or other computer simulation.